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SISTA BOSSEN featured on "Nordic Music Review"

“We’ve featured a few ‘Live at Tapetown’ performances because I really think they capture each band so well, and it’s introduced us to both new names as well as allowed us to see some live performances from bands / artists we’ve written about already.

I guess it’s slightly remiss that we haven’t covered ‘Sista Bossen’ before, they’re from Sweden and they’ve released 2 albums, both of which are fairly extraordinary. They’re written in a post punk style, but it seems to incorporate a fair range of influences, and whilst I hate making comparisons with other bands I guess I’d have to suggest that to me it would be what would happen if you created some type of wild hybrid of Cardiacs and Bob Hund. I apologise to anyone I’ve just offended by suggesting such a thing, but hey I love both bands, so it’s supposed to be a compliment.

On to their ‘Live from Tapetown’ performance of ‘*********’, and I love firstly the unpredictability of the band – I like being entertained, and musically they show why they are so highly rated live. I like the snippets of tunes mixed in with the chaos, and this is definitely a video you will watch to the very last second.

Anyway most UK readers will probably not have come across ‘Sista Bossen’ before, so if you want a suggestion of where to start try a track like ‘Produktivitet’ from their most recent album. We’ll be featuring another ‘Live at Tapetown’ from the studio in the next couple of weeks – and we’re really looking forward to it, as it’s one of our favourite bands."


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