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Where to start out when wanting to build a recording studio

Just do something. It doesn’t matter if you buy 10 Neumann u87’s or the cheap mic-pack from Thomann, it’s about how good YOU become at it. Get started and then learn as you go.

Don’t think you need a bunch of really expensive equipment to properly record bands. Most likely your skill won’t be there to fully utilize it. Upgrade as you go along and talk to other people who you think do nice productions and ask what they’re using and why.

In general it’s always good to talk to people who already went through what you’re about to venture into. Find out how their situation relates to yours and keep in mind what kind of recording studio you want to build. If you want to record bands within alternative, rock genres, then you might as well start preparing for it from the beginning. Keep it in the back of your mind with every decision.

Don’t let gear-mania put you in debt – new mics won’t make a better album. Plenty of amazing records and productions have been made with very casual mic setups and gear. It’s about the band and the music, not your shiny metal objects.



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