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Tapetown Sessions

Live sessions are the ultimate way to capture the 'feel' of music. This is what we're all about, that's why we specialize in it. We believe good video live sessions is one of the best ways for artists to show their qualities. Especially since there’s a lot of emotion people only experience if they go to the shows.

We want to help advance the alternative and non-commercial genres, creating more opportunities for artists to reach a sustainable career. We believe live sessions is an important part of this journey.

Mary Anne's Polar Rig - Tapetown Sessions [Spot Festival 2023]
Angående Mig - 'Angående Skam & Smidig For En Mand' [Live at Musikhuset x GRIM]
HIRAKI - Tapetown Sessions [Spot Festival 2023]
Sauna Senere - Venter [Tapetown Sessions - Spot Festival 2022]
Joe & the Shitboys [Tapetown Sessions - SPOT Festival 2022]
Why Sun - Such a Meeting [Tapetown Sessions]
Sauna Senere - Kødsovs [Tapetown Sessions]
Bambara [Tapetown Sessions]
Iceage [Tapetown Sessions]

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