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US blog 'The Obelisk' likes the live recordings of 'Glow' by Catch the Breeze

Musicblog The Obelisk (US) talks nice about the album, Glow:

" It’s interesting to note that the album was recorded at least mostly live. .... it’s that balance they strike between unabashed emotionalism, progressive sonic texturing, depth of mix and soothing melodies that makes Glow shine in such an immersive manner as it does."

Catch the Breeze have had several radio stadions in America play their songs since the release of the first singles from the full album. Many sites dedicated to shoegaze and the more alternative genres within music have all been praising this release and it looks like these musicians and the band have great things in store for the future of the career.

read the full review of the record here:


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