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The Psychotic Monks records massive track

The Psychotic Monks hailing from Paris, France dropped by the studio last week before they went on to play Northern Winter Beat festival in Aalborg.

The band laid down a massive track & jam in the studio with ferocious energy and determination. The band released their second album last year but only in France, which has led them to pull the album from streaming services for it to be re-released world-wide later in 2020. Its an amazing record, and this track recorded in the studio will be part of launching the re-release when time comes.

If you're into noise rock and punk aesthetics then you can't go wrong with this band. Their solid on recordings as well as live performances and on top of that they're a group of thoroughly pleasant people.

We will keep you in the loop about when it lands. Brain-eating guitars and massive drums alongside angst-driven vocals and a solid bass grove sending the song into eternity. See you on the other side of it



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