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Premiere: COLLIDER records live at Tapetown session during SPOT festival – "Destroy/Exists" feature

From the article: “During this year’s SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, Tapetown Studios joined forces with the reputable indie label, Escho (home to Iceage, Lower and tons more), to present a series of brief concerts by some of the latest additions to the label’s roster. One of those acts is Copenhagen-based quartet, Collider, who during their session brought their intricate fusion of post punk, shoegaze, quirky indie pop and math rock to full realization.

Collider’s compellingly knotty sound and chaotic structures are intensified by their energetic and wholly fascinating live presence, and this session is no exception to the charming complexity the group has to offer.

The band delivers their new single, Glockster, in a splendid, excited and wild performance, which never loosens its tight hold on the listener’s attention.

The concert was recorded on May 12th, 2018.”


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