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PALE HONEY – "Heaviest of storms pt.1" on "Destroy/Exist"

Pale honey hailing from Sweden have been giving the world plenty of alternative, indie music ever since 2015 when they released their debut.

The band’s new LP, Devotion, balances nicely between alternative and somewhat more mainstream accessible dream pop and indie rock.

When the band was touring around Europe with their new album the stopped by the recording studio of Tapetown in Aarhus, Denmark for a live session before their concert that night at Radar. The live sessions all have somewhat of an alternative edge to it while at the same time sounding extremely good for live recordings. A lot of times excessive bleed or bad circumstances in regards to recording a band live set the limits for the types of sessions – unless you have a very very big recording room where these things are not a problem. But somehow Tapetown makes it work out in the best possibly way.

In the studio Pale Honey perform ‘The Heavist of Storms (Devotion pt.1)’ while also in another video performing the single ‘Get These Things Out of My Head”. The dream-pop vibe in the first track is brilliant and the recording of this track live really gives the song justice.

Soft drums, smooth guitars and a quiet beat alongside the pleasant vocals of leadsinger Tuva Lodmark, makes this a recording that is a very intimate and downplayed intense experience.


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