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Noise/Stoner/Doom act Heathe on welovelofi

The Danish band 'Heathe' hailing from Aalborg but counting 9 members from cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus recently did at live session at the studio. It was a sweaty and intense recording session where they ran through the second half of their recent release on record label Wolves & Vibrancy.

The day being hot to begin with it certainly added to the degrees in the studio having 8 musicians, 3 cameramen + a handful of guests besides tube amps running hot and lamps burning electricity.

You see it in the sweat on the necks and shirts and you feel it in the intensity of the visuals.

The music-blog welovelofi had their writer Bobby there for the session and he put some very nice words to the video, which you can read here:

It's a very nice read, but should you want to skip the marvels of Bobby's words you can skip right to the video here:

We hope you enjoy it,

have a wonderful day all



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