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Live session w/ The Entrepreneurs on German blog WeLoveThat

Danish alternative rock act The Entrepreneurs played the SPOT festival in Aarhus this year - the main stage - prime slot, saturday night.

We had the pleasure of having the lovely gentlemen of the band come by the studio on sunday morning before returning to Copenhagen after their concert at the music festival.

The recording room in the studio was only filled with very few people who came by to say hi before departing SPOT festival themselves, the who live session event not being officially shared anywhere, so not a lot knew anything was going on at the studios down at Lydhavnen in those early hours.

It was laid back and relaxed, yet the band played their session ferociously, without any hint of being tired from the concert before.

The first video is already out on youtube and there will be more following. You are also able to pick up the video on facebook as it's shared by both the studio, Lydhavnen, their record label Tambourhinoceros, booking agency 3rd Tsunami as well as the band themselves - should give you plenty of opportunity to not miss it.

In any case, here is the embedded version off of youtube:

And for those of you who would like to read the article on WeLoveThat, here you go:

All the best to all of you



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