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Gaffa enjoys the new shoegaze, indie single by Catch the Breeze

Gaffa had nice things to say about the first single from full album 'Glow' by indie, shoegaze act Catch the Breeze.

Mind you the words are of course in Danish:

"Sangen "Paper Lanterns" byder på Aage Hedensted Kinchs karakteristiske vokal, godt med støjende og effektindhyllet guitar, melodiske baslinjer og tunge tromme-grooves... Bandet er inspireret af dreampop og shoegaze,..."

Here's the link to the full article:

It's nice to see that a bigger music magazine still appreciates the alternative genres.

Gaffa is the biggest music magazine in Scandinavia, having had and have offices in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


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