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Drowned in Sound SPOT 2019 picks - 9 out 11 Tapetown related

The SPOT festival in Aarhus, Denmark which is known for lots of concerts showcasing upcoming and underground bands from mainly Scandinavia, had it's 25th anniversary this year.

We had a Tapetown Sessions stage in the recording studio and we also help present a stage together with Part Time Records and Shordwood Records showcasing some of the best alternative and rock acts the Danish music underground has to show at the moment.

Besides this Tapetown was also part of setting up the RECession showcase where Tapetown bands like Catch the Breeze, Twin Dive, Rýk and Phosphor Kid played.

Drowned in Sound was co-hosting the Tapetown Sessions stage with us at the recording studio facilities at Lydhavnen at the old meat packing district in town.

But besides this they had their writer roam around looking at interesting acts. Dom, who I also had the pleasure of spending time with at the festival, went off the beaten track and found some really nice stuff at the festival.

This year also saw a lot of nice alternative bands and there was a lot of rock genres. So not surprisingly there would atleast be some Tapetown related bands on the list - however we did not anticipate that there would be 9 out of 11 who we either had visit the recording studio or who played stages we were part of presenting.

Quite a pleasure and nice surprise.

You can check out the article here for the full review and mentions of the different bands:

It's a good read, there's some really nice artists and bands in there.

Hope to see you at next years SPOT festival.




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