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Delirous on Bands of Tomorrow playlist of new Nordic indie hits

Bands of Tomorrow feature new Nordic music on their playlists alongside their reviews, blog-posts and live concert coverages.

Azteks best new indie track 'Delirious' made the list for week 34.

The band from Aalborg Danmark recently held a release concert in Aarhus, which were a cool chill event with good music and good people.

If you want to check out some of the music from the band your best option is to head over to spotify or your favourite streaming service and search for "Aztek" it'll show up. The new single is slightly more raw in the mix than the previous songs they put out - it's a nice approach that gives the band some edge but doesn't take away from their indie, alternative pop attitude.

Here's the list for Bands of Tomorrow and the playlist for you to have a listen:


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