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COLLIDER – live recording from Tapetown on "Rock The Pigeon"

From the article:

“Collider’s live performance of ‘Glockster’ is a beautifully progressive take on shoegaze. “Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Collider is one of the newest Escho signings,” they say. “They debuted with a song ‘Bruno’ in 2016 and have been delivering chaotic, energetic all over the place sounds ever since that proved to be just the kind of thing international crowds at showcases are looking for.” Live performances are a lot of fun to watch, but this one really captures what Collider is about. Their oscillation between jazzy, intense prog interludes reminiscent of Jethro Tull and reverb-drenched, mathy shoegaze dirges is very well done. These guys bring the heat, but they also have the musical chops to back it up. This group is doing something truly unique. Check out ‘Glockster’ below!"


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