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Blog Last Day Deaf features live session


The music blog Last Day Deaf features the live studio session we did with the Murder Capital. They had earlier interviewed the dark post punk band - they link to that interview in their blog share as well. It's a nice write-up mentioning >

"The sound is massive and and the video is capturing the band at their best like Joy Division meet IDLES & The Sound." Comparing the band to some very cool artists who put out amazing albums along the years. To have the band in the recording studio was a pleasure and the result that came out of it seems to be spreading fast across Europe as well as the US where they recently embarked on the US leg of their tour promoting the album 'When I Have Fears' put out last year.

Read the article and check out the live session we did at the recording studio. Everything recorded and mixed at our facilities - mastering done by ET Mastering, who is our in-house engineer from Lydhavnen here in Aarhus Denmark.

In case you'd like to spend some more time on the music blog Last Day Deaf it is definitely recommendable. They're featuring lots of good artists within indie, rock and alternative. They do spread wider as well, so there's something for varied taste as well. Take care and enjoy


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