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'Artists in the Spotlight' praise shoegaze band 'Catch the Breeze'

“...Catch The Breeze is Denmark's gift to the Shoegaze genre" the review of the alternative, shoegaze rock band starts off.

They touch upon the subject of how recording the record as live as possible in the studio has made it sound extremely organic. They continue that it's clear to hear that these are talented musicians who brings a solid and well thought out sound to the studio, which is what also helps translate this album so well at live concerts.

They mention:

"By recording live, the band was able to capture the raw, dynamic, energetic sound of the live performances.... Elaborate swirling guitars contrasted by tight drums and catchy bass lines, all tied together by the deep baritone vocals...."

Read their "Spotlight" about the band here:

And watch the music video for 'Paper Lanters' on youtube here:


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