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Alternative punkrock duo 'Twin Dive' on Destroy/Exist

Alternative rock duo 'Twin Dive' released their first single 'Joy Will Follow' with a music video showing the musicians roam around the harbour district of Aarhus city.

The song was recorded at Tapetown Studios and features a raw and spontaneous approach to alternative punkrock in the 90's era. The distorted guitars and raspy growls of leadsinger Robert Jancevich echo's the angst from former generations in the music scene.

Music blog Destroy / Exist had this to say about the track

"Their heavy sound which in equal measure brings together components from grunge, garage punk and psychedelic rock is very well represented by the very dynamic, Joy Will Follow, a stunner of a debut, dense, striking and overpowering."

link to the full article by alternative music lovers Destroy/exist:


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