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'Good Because Danish' finds that "real guitar sound" on 'Paper Lanters'

European music blog 'Good because Danish' reviews a lot of cool bands from Denmark as well as other bigger European countries. And the best single 'Paper Lanters' released by Catch the Breeze seemed to be a pleasant company for the musicsite. A lot of the best bands and artists that the musicblog reviews are alternative bands within the indie, rock or electronic genres.

Besides what's been done in recording studios they do also have a big thing for live concerts and have more and more beeing talking about the shows by good interesting artists lately.

Here is what they say about the single from Catch the Breeze:

“Maybe it’s the longing for real, guitar sound, maybe it’s the grey “not-really-a-winter” weather, but “Paper Lanterns” seems to come in a perfect moment... It is vibrant, atmospheric and… honest. It shows that Danish music has a lot to offer also in the area of rock sounds.”

It's nice to heard that the songs off of the album will get you through a long winter and hopefully bring you into the summer with a refreshed mind.

to read the full article go here:


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