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'Darkest Hour' profiled in VENTS Magazine

Indie-rock single by Aztek out of Denmark - more specifically Aalborg, was featured on music-blog VENTS magazine.

They compliment the song and the sound of the band, in their own words here "It’s an upbeat track, carried by a catchy, fuzzy riff and a captivating vocal performance by Benjamin Vestergaard Johansen, that make this piece a clear example of the bands sharp and intuitive songwriting."

It's nice to see they pointed out the mix of fuzzy and catchy.

Have a listen to the song on the bands spotify or other streaming services.

If you're into alternative pop or indie-rock there's a good chance you will enjoy this song as well.

The band is active on the live circuit most of the time so you should also be able to catch a concert if you're lucky to be nearby one of the cities they're playing.

Best of days to you all


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