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ULRIKA SPACEK – "Everything, all the time" on "Sound of Aarhus"

‘Everything, All the Time’ is the first track from the  “Live At Tapetown” series with London-based Ulrika Spacek featured on music blog ‘Sound of Aarhus’

“Ulrika Spacek showed up at the recording studios of Tapetown the morning after their concert at RADAR the night before. They caught the ferry to Copenhagen after the session to continue their European tour for their newly released second LP “Modern English Decoration”. The band is a powerful live act which also shows very clearly in the live session from the studios. Amazing tunes and a stellar performance was a perfect blend for the two tracks that has come out of the session “Everything, All the Time” and “Mimi Pretend”, both taken from the album.

The studio recordings, even though being fully live with all musicians in the room, really does the bands live-act justice, and its worth seeing more than just a second time around.

The Live at Tapetown sessions are a constellation of live in studio recordings then being mixed at Tapetown and Mastered at ET Mastering, also residing with his studio at Lydhavnen in Aarhus.


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