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Twin Dive 'Joy Will Follow' out

Alternative punkrock band 'Twin Dive' recently released their aggressive yet delightful single 'Joy Will Follow'. We did the mix at the studio and ET Mastering took care of the master steering it into that sweet-spot between noise aggression and pleasantry.

Having been on the live scene for years in different bands this act brings a lot of ferocious energy to the studio recordings. Everything was recorded live with the exception of the vocal that was done later. The guitar was dubbed for the "solo" and c-parts. Lead Vocals were one takes with dubs being added for more fill in the mix. Robert, guitarist and lead-singer, has a very aggressive and raw voice that always peaks through in the song, which makes it possible to keep the vocals rather low in the mix while it still having a presence.

Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day <3


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