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Reveal Party at Eurosonic as part of Hit the North, SPOT festival & Tapetown partnership

As part of a collaboration between Danish music festival for emerging artists, SPOT festival, Dutch talent program for artists from the Netherlands, the music-business festival Eurosonic and recording studio Tapetown, Danish band and artist Reveal Party went to play a showcase at this years ESNS.

The Hit the North program is a part of the official Eurosonic program and provides opportunity for upcoming, emerging and underground artists and bands who next to their concert at the festival also learn a lot about how to reach a sustainable future within music. The Hit the North project and Tapetown have worked together over the past years to try and provide more opportunity for artists and bands across Europe. The exchange between SPOT festival and Eurosonic is one of the opportunities that is available to artists from Netherlands and Denmark at the moment. The Scandinavian recording and mix studio is working on a range of exchange opportunities with both Hit the North and other associations. Currently the two partners are looking to expand their SPOT and ESNS exchange, with Eurosonic deciding to also expand their opportunities for new Dutch artists outside of the Netherlands.


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