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 Recording & Mix
Studio specialized in capturing the raw nerve and aesthetic of every artist.

More than just a sound,

it's an approach to working with music that brings out the essence of the songs.

Over the years Tapetown has mastered the
skill of recording live sessions with incredible energy
whilst capturing superior sound quality,
even in locations with challenging sound environments.

Every live session made by Tapetown is

guaranteed to be fully live, no overdubbing.

“The people from Tapetown never let us down. 

With each new recording their cult status increases.”

- We Love That Sound

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amplifiers and a piano inside a recording room at a recording studio facility

Situated in Denmark,
we record and mix for
artists from all over the world.

We specialize in live sessions, and help artists
to a sustainable future
through collaborations, concerts and other opportunities.


“Rasmus Bredvig, owner and head producer of Denmark’s Tapetown
Studio, is someone who’s passion for alternative styles has led to the
studio becoming an institution and part of

a larger music community”

- MusicTech

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