Recording & Mix 
Studio dedicated to alternative music

We believe good records have passion and nerve -that's what we help you achieve.

Specialization has made Tapetown one of the best places for alternative artists 

to record and mix

The guys from Tapetown never let us down. 

With each new recording at Tapetown their cult status increases.

- We love that sound


Situated in Aarhus, Denmark, we welcome and work with bands all over the world.


Through high-end analogue equipment we aim to capture the essence and real sound of every artist.

Tapetown recording room
Rasmus  Bredvig - the owner of Tap

Named “the Sound of Aarhus” by Drowned in Sound, Tapetown Studio
run by Danish producer Rasmus Bredvig is

one of the fastest growing

European communities for alternative music & culture

“Rasmus Bredvig, owner and head producer of Denmark’s Tapetown
Studio, is someone who’s passion for alternative styles has led to the
studio becoming an institution and part of

a larger music community”

- MusicTech