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Post-punk outfit the Murder Capital on Analogue Trash

The ever wonderful music blog Analogue Trash, who has a track-record of picking up good stuff amongst, but not limited to the alternative, rock and indie genres, shared the live session done at the recording studio recently with the Irish Post-punk band The Murder Capital. Storming ahead selling out concert halls and venues across both Europe and now also the US, the band is in top form, which is clearly seen in this session. The sound quality on this is excellent and really channels the energy the band show live. Being received well by fans of the band as well as music blogs and sites, it's a pleasure to share a little of it here as well.

The review of the recording session kicks off with >

"While on the European leg of their recent tour, The Murder Capital stopped off at the increasingly influential Tapetown Studio to record a live session. You can check out For Everything below."

We hope you'll enjoy it and pass it on to friends that might be into the band <3


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