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Interview for "Scandinavian Standard" with Rasmus Bredvig on founding Tapetown

The lifestyle blog ‘Scandinavian Standard’ ran an interview recently about how the recording studio came to be. It’s a short neat little piece that tells about how it all started in a shtty little basement studio in Copenhagen, how there was music, there was touring around Europe and there was the old Feedback recording studio in Aarhus, where other producers and engineers worked on different musical genres.

How they all moved to the old meatpacking district of Aarhus, down at Sydhavnen and how Lydhavnen and at the same time Tapetown was founded.

Lydhavnen is a collective of recording studios, producers, engineers, songwriters and audio hardware manufacturers who all reside in the same area. Lots of different music is made there, everything from mainstream pop to noisy avant-garde.

Have a peak into the founding of a recording studio in the piece from the blog right here –>


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