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"Hybridizing elements from Shoegaze, post punk and dreampop" - musicblog Whitelight/Whiteheat

Another positive review comes from the blog WhiteLight // White Heat, having taken their name from the dirty Velvet Underground album released after the very succesfull (only later of course, first it was banned pretty much everywhere) 'Velvet Underground & Nico'.

Here's what the good music lovers have to say about the recordings:

"In the new album the trio highlight a natural and disarming ability to hybridize shoegaze, post punk and dreampop, in an hypnotic, intriguing and incisive personal sound"

Very kind words about the album which was mainly recorded live in the studio with the exception of the vocals which was done after as well as the guitar dubs to follow the drums, bas and main guitars of the first recording process.

It's nice to see that many people who review this record enjoy the sound and atmosphere created on the album. It was definitely the intention from the band when they arrived in the studio that they wanted this to give the listener a special feeling but they very much wanted it to sound live, not live as in at concerts, but to give it that feeling like the old records, where you could really feel that there was a band in the studio playing their hearts out.


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