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HATER performing live session in Tapetown Studio – Feature on "Nordic Music Review"

“We’ll stay in Sweden with another band with a relatively recent EP that’s well worth checking out, although we’re concentrating more today on the new video which has just been released. ‘HATER’ are from Malmö, and they’re a 4 piece band that got some great attention in the last couple of years with an Album, EP and a stream of prominent gigs – including a few UK performances too.

It is understandable why ‘HATER’ have made such an impression, an indie band that have an easy going accessibility to them, and hopefully many of you will have come across them previously. If you haven’t ‘Blushing’ is a great introduction, a lovely melancholy melody delivered by vocalist Caroline Landahl, accompanied by a soft jangly guitar sound. It reminds me of some my favorite Indie bands that I listened to on repeat when i was younger, but to me it still has that ‘Nordic’ edge to it too, if only I could define it”


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