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FLOWERS to release debut-album on LUIK records

Your favourite Stoner Doom duo is Dutch, out of Amsterdam and releasing their new album on Belgian record label Luik Music this september 30th. Recorded and mixed at our studio & then mastered at ET Mastering - probably one of the best Mastering engineers you will found out there these days within alternative music - this record is for all you lovers of bands like Electric Wizard and Toner Low with a mix of Melvins and The Breeders - if you ask me mixing that "soft touch" of the Breeders with the Stoner and Doom genres sounds absolutely amazing. Lead-singer Roos Pepe sounds just as amazing singing the more quiet parts as she does screaming her vocal chords out.

This album is like a movie, it might even be more emotions than it's "music". Put on headphones, turn off the lights and just doze off while playing the whole album, and it will be just like going to the movies, only in your mind.

I'm looking forward myself to seeing the response from music blogs and magazines, read the experiences people will have with it as well as the live concerts coming up.

If you can make it to any of the venues or shows do go for it. If not just pick up the vinyl or the digital album.

Take care <3


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