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Dumb session on Queen City Sounds

Kind words from UK music blog about one of the recording sessions with the Canadian alt, indie, lo-fi rock band DUMB. Here's a few snippets

"On its Tapetown Sessions recording of “Content Jungle,” Vancouver, BC-based band Dumb sounds like the missing link between Sonic Youth, Parquet Courts and the Reatards".

"Its brash guitar riffs indulge beautifully odd bends and fragmented melodies. The shout along vocals do little to undermine the clever lyrics that cite dated cultural references that take us out of the current era..."

It's nice to hear people appreciating this band as they are definitely worth checking out, we did the recording at the studio, Rasmus Bredvig mixed it and Emil Thomsen from ET mastering did the mastering at his studio also located at Lydhavnen in Aarhus, Denmark.


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