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'Doom City' the lo-fi alternative stoner album by Dutch duo FLOWERS on Destroy / Exist

FLOWERS - Dutch female duo showcases more balls than your average indie-rocker on their newly released album. The piece is out both digitally on most platforms, you can purchase the songs on bandcamp, and the album is also out on vinyl through their Belgian record label Luik Music.

The dutch band released an EP a couple of years ago that was released on Dutch label Subroutine and paved the way for a number of gigs before writing started for their first full length record. It's been out for a short while now and is a piece of work that not everything will fully understand at first listen. One of the places that did get it was the music blog the Quietus, who wrote a nice review which we will share with you as well.

This time around it's about the review by the other European music blog - Destroy / Exist - always showcasing interesting new alternative artists in the more noisy aspecs as well as a solid share of indie genres that span wide.

Here's a link to the full article by the music site, which has this to say about the record

"Dutch duo Flowers' debut album emerges like a solid breakthrough, a work which shrewdly draws from the best of a bit of an overdone genre to breathe fresh air into it, yet sounding almost unparalleled to anything else we've heard in 2019"

We hope you will find time to sit down with the album as it does provide a lot of good aesthetics and the cool of the sound is very much in the vibe it generates. Check it out. You can almost feel those guitars ripping open the speakers you're listening to the songs on.


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