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Aarhus Echo talks 'Paper Lanters' with shoegaze artists 'Catch the Breeze'

Danish musicblog Aarhus Echo grabs a chance to talk to Copenhagen band 'Catch the Breeze' about their approach to recording, their sound, the songs and the past.

An excerpt from the interview talks about how they recorded it live with all three musicians in the recording studio at the same time "...De nye sange er indspillet live med alle tre musikere i studiet for at få så meget ufiltreret energi som muligt ned på pladen. Af samme årsag har Rasmus Bredvig fra Tapetown på Lydhavnen stået for recording og mix, mens Emil Thomsen har taget sig af masterering."

There's a lot of interesting information in the interview if you like to hear about recording approaches, techniques which sound the band went for and what their heritage from the former bands has got to say in this new band. You might need to understand a little Danish, but if not a google translate version will do ok as well.

Read the full story about 'indspilninger, inspirationer og fortid samt fremtid' in Danish here:

Aarhus Echo is a local musicblog based in Aarhus, Denmark and have a big focus on local music, bands and artists as well as people working within the music industry in the city ranging from booking agents to record labels and recording studios. They try to dive into more detail about certain aspects and try to keep a pretty grounded approach.


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