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"...a lullaby for those terminally cast in black and white yet see nothing but vibrant colour"

Online Music Magazine - Velvet Independent - about the latest Aztek single released about a week ago. It sits between a summer viby jam yet channelling post-punk echos via the distorted vocals.

Besides mentioning that the song dips it's toes into a number of genres and sub-genres, they have this to say about the song " drenched in a plethora of other subgenres of indie and post-punk; distortion and reverb fill ‘Delirious’ with a delicate shoegaze edge "

Very point on for this track. The release is their second single to come out this "summer" and shows a slightly more punkrock approach to the sound. Very much created in the mix, the song keeps in line with the songwriting of the band that fans know from earlier songs.

However, this ads some nice extra crisp.

If you want to give the song a listen, here's the soundcloud link:

Take care!


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