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'Velvet Independent' musicblog features single release by 'Twin Dive'

The music site has this to say about Aarhus locals 'Twin Dive'

"With a classic, face wrenching, gut busting rock ‘n’ roll sound, Aarhus’ Twin Dive are a force to be reckoned with...‘Joy Will Follow’ takes the classic sound of Motörhead or Black Sabbath, pieced together with a much more contemporary punk influence for a truly weighted punch on this pristine take on classic rock"

Kind words from Velvet Independent, that is a musicblog specialising in showcasing independent artist from around the world. They are not only focussed on indie genres however, but present anything that tickles their fancy. So it's nice to see them getting excited about this recording that was done at our studios. The mix was also done at Tapetown with Rasmus Bredvig manning the sounds, as well as ET Mastering taking care of the final process in this recording adventure.

It's going to be interesting to see what alternative noisy rock these two musicians will whip up for their next release.


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