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The Revue falls in love with single release 'Paper Lanters'

British blog 'The Revue' did a review on their music blog about the single 'Paper Lanters' from the full album 'Glow' by Danish alternative rock shoegazers 'Catch the Breeze'

"...Is there anything better than a great piece of Shoegaze? .. Very few genres can leave you simultaneously breathless, mesmerized.... when the combination is perfected, such as on Danish trio Catch The Breeze‘s new single, “Paper Lanterns”, the effect is one of wonderful bewilderment. ...pure bliss is achieved. Dazzling. Absolutely dazzling."

read the full review here:

Give the musicvideo a view and listen here:

Catch the Breeze hail from Copenhagen and brought their instruments to Aarhus for the recording of this single as well as the rest of the tracks off of the full lenght album 'Glow' released on Kúndalini Records in 2018.


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