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Twin Dive's Joy Will Follow on music blog Captured Howls

Danish alternative act Twin Dive put out their single 'Joy Will Follow' earlier this year where the song and music video received multiple features around blogs and music-sites particularly in Europe. One of the blogs featuring the song was Captured Howls who called it dynamic and catchy Punk Rock. Hailing from the Danish alternative music scene, the blog claims them to be ready for the rock clubs of Europe, which is fitting seeing as there is a European tour in the works for the band in 2020.

The song was recorded at the studio as well as mixed at the facilities, Mastered by ET Mastering earlier this year, the song came to it's own right as an aggressive take on todays punk rock music.

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Det danske alternative band Twin Dive udsendte deres single 'Joy Will Follow' tidligere i år, hvor sangen og musikvideoen fik adskillelige features på blogs og musikwebsteder især i Europa. En af de blogs som skrev om sangen var Captured Howls, der kaldte det dynamisk og iørefaldende Punk Rock. Bandet, der udspringer af den danske alternative musikscene, mener musik-bloggen er klar til rockklubberne i Europa, hvilket passer perfekt, da der lige nu arbejdes på en europæisk turné for bandet i 2020.

Sangen blev indspillet i studiet såvel som mixet hos Tapetown samt mastereret af Emil Thomsen hos ET Mastering tidligere i år.

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