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THE TELESCOPES recording live at Tapetown – "Psychedelic Baby Mag" feature

” The band dove into the studio of Tapetown in november when they were touring Europe after the release of their latest album. They were set to play Copenhagen Psych Fest, but the festival was cancelled and so the band had a day available before playing the alternative / underground venue of Tusindfryd in Aalborg, a venue hosting a great range of bands of alternative genres such as noise, punkrock, punk, stoner and more lo-fi, indie acts.

The local organisation Across the Floor, who also hosts alternative shows in Aarhus, arranged for a gig at the X facilities of Tapetown and the next morning before departing for Aalborg, the session took place.

We opted to keep the the two tracks they did as one entire video as the whole intensity of the session made it possible to take a more cinematic approach to the video-work. The band played the songs like this from the beginning, keeping it much like how they also do live in concert. It fit nicely together and for fans of noise and stoner genres we felt it would be appreciated. We hope it will bring much joy.

The Live at Tapetown series is an alternative take on the likes of KEXP live. Bands that swing by is mostly on their European tours and come by the studio for an hour or two between gigs.”


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