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The Joy of Violent Movement featuring Azteks new video on their blog

Music blog and home to alternative lover William Ruben Helms Joy of Violent Movement has had a wonderful history of featuring a number of emerging alternative and indie artists over the years. Many that we've worked with from the Danish underground has caught the attention of William and he seems an avid music lover - even more if it gets noisy and energetic.

This is a song that speaks to his softer side I'm imagining, as the track itself is more of a soothing indie ride. That's what the guys from the north has done throughout most of their musical career and also how the recordings sounded when they sent their tracks to the studio for mixing.

Ruben is presenting the video itself, a slightly trippy virtual let-go of visual design.

Set in space, the recently released video was made by Anders Riber Nielsen and gives you a dose of 80s nostalgia just in case you were missing some.

Give the single a listen and the video a glance and best of luck to you in your endeavours.


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