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Tapetown collaborates with concert experience project Nebula

Recording and mix studio Tapetown has teamed up with Danish specialists in concert experiences, Nebula, who's hosted a range of shows throughout Denmark. They've had their stages at a broad variety of venues and locations in the country and have also been nominated in the category "Concert experience of the year" by the DMA Jazz (Danish Music Award Jazz) in 2022 for their unique concert formats. Jonna Aspeklev, who is the studio manager and head recording technician at Tapetown, joined Nebula mid summer of 2022, as Nebulas own live technician, ensuring every improvised live performance also got recorded on multitrack. Tapetown who has years of experience recording live sessions both in and outside of the studio environment, are looking into other future collaborations with Nebula, seeing as there might be interesting synergies to explore going forward. The Nebula concerts are currently only possible to experience if you go to the actual show, however since these have all been recorded, there's a range of opportunities going forward regarding how to possibly enjoy the capture of these special concerts. Will there be a mix and master for streaming and download, a vinyl, or even a surround-mix? Future will tell!


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