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Room and Ambient Mics for Recording

One simple recording technique is the use of "room mics" or "ambient mics" to capture the natural sound of a room or space during recording.

Room mics are microphones placed in a room or space separate from the main source of sound, such as a drum kit, guitar amp, or vocalist. The idea is to capture the natural ambience of the room, which can add depth and character to the recording and create a sense of space and atmosphere.

The technique is often used in genres such as jazz, blues, and rock, where the overall sound and feel of the recording is just as important as the individual parts. By capturing the sound of the room, the recording can feel more organic and immersive, as if the listener is in the same space as the musicians.

Room mics can be placed in various positions around the room, depending on the desired effect. For example, placing a microphone in the corner of a room can create a sense of depth and spaciousness, while placing a microphone closer to the source of sound can capture more detail and clarity.

One important consideration when using room mics is the potential for "phase cancellation," which can occur when the sound from the main source and the room mic cancel each other out. This can be mitigated by careful placement and by experimenting with different mic polar patterns and techniques.

Overall, the use of room mics is a powerful recording technique that can add a unique character and ambience to a recording. It requires careful planning and experimentation, but can result in a more natural and immersive sound that captures the essence of the musicians and the space in which they're recording.


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