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ONBC from SPOT festival on "Nordic Music Review"

ONBC visited the Tapetown studios for a day of recording a full concert as part of the Crunchy Frog Records special during the SPOT music festival - the Danish version of festivals such as SXSW and Eurosonic.

ONBC played a full concert with Sista Bossen, the other band that Crunchy Frog brought from they label to the live session special.

From this concert we took the lovely song ‘Copenhagen’ which very much embodies what ONBC is all about. Well built dream-pop tracks and amazing universes. They are a lovely addition to our alternative live session series from the studios and provide a smooth counterpart to the punk rock aggression and humor that was sported during the concert by their friends in Sista Bossen later in the day.

Nordic Music Review picked up the piece and wrote some lovely words on the bands sound and songs, it’s clear that they are very much fans of the music, which is why they have covered their previous releases.

We hope you will enjoy it just as much as we did!


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