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German music blog NEOLYD on dumb live session

Neolyd picks out some pretty good bands and artists, as well as both music videos and songs. This is what they had to say about the session they did recently at the studio:

"Während ihrer im September absolvierten Skandinavien-Tour fanden sich unsere Redaktionslieblinge von Dumb im dänischen Tapetown Studio für eine Session ein, um ihren wahrscheinlich stärksten Song „Content Jungle“, des im Juni erschienenen zweiten Albums, in gewohnt beiläufiger Art und Weise darzubieten."

There's plenty of other good stuff in the article, so you should definitely swing by and read the whole article - if your German is up to par.

The session happened when they were in Denmark playing TAPE in Aarhus. They're a great band and absolutely worth checking out.

the session was recorded in 2019, mixed by Rasmus Bredvig and the Mastering done by Emil Thomsen from ET Mastering at the Lydhavnen facilities.


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