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First single by Stoner-doom duo FLOWERS out

Dutch stoner doom duo consisting of Roos Pollmann and Judith van Oostrum just released the first single from the upcoming album 'Doom City'.

Record label Luik Music out of Belgium are releasing the track as well as the entire album coming out on vinyl later this year.

The record was recorded in the hottest of summers last year in our recording studio here in Aarhus Denmark and was later mixed by Rasmus Bredvig from Tapetown and mastered by Emil Thomsen from ET Mastering, also located at the major hub for music production in Denmark, Lydhavnen.

There's hints of Electric Wizard, Melvins and Toner Low mixed with The Breeders and bands just as great.

If you're into any of these bands or just enjoy then genres related to it, you will most definitely enjoy this album. It sounds massive and yet dirty, full of artistic integrity.

The blog Destroy / Exist put it very well when they said

" Over four minutes of magnificent, stoner rocking, doom-laden psychedelia, in the vein of Electric Wizard, Acid King and Sleep, the track raises the expectations for the coming album very high, "

You can read their full review right here:

And for the track on youtube, here you go:

-take care and lots of love


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