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Tapetown Sessions: Les Big Byrd - Geräusche

First off there's the video:

This Swedish band, who I suppose you can best classify as, well... maybe you shouldn't try to exactly classify it since the amount of music genres you would want to add simply would render it quite obsolete.

I want to say Velvet Underground using Kraftwerk's rehearsal space to write songs.

The band itself presents it as Kraut, Psych, Spacerock.

The band recently released their album Iran Iraq IKEA on PNKLSM - (which is a wonderful record label you would definitely want to check out if you're into alternative, punk, indie, lofi or the likes.

This live version of their single 'Geräusche' is definitely worth revisiting if you enjoyed the original release from the band. Their performance is spot on - clearly very talented musicians all of them this sounds almost like it could have been what ended up on the record.

Here's a few word from music-blog destroy/exist about the matter:

If you don't know the band I would recommend checking out their work - it's very accessible yet with all the right emotions attached to it.

Listen to the songs, watch the studio session and be sure to give a spin to some of the other live sessions from the studio if you're swinging by our youtube -

If you're into any kind of alternative music with some remnants of rock you will find a few treasures there for sure.

take good care of yourself,


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